Abortion: What The Hell Are We Doing?

If you’re having an abortion I feel bad for you, hun.
I’ve got 99 problems but my conscience ain’t one.

Routine Murder of Abortion Survivors:

66 Babies reportedly left to die in the UK’s National Health Service: Daily Mail

491 Babies reportedly left to die in Canada from 2000-2009: Life News

766 Babies reportedly left to die in Canada from 2013-2018: Life News

Murder of abortion survivors a “grey zone” in Canadian Law: National Post

Lax Laws On Late-Term Abortion:

New York passes brutal pro-abortion laws, allowing for abortion until birth and removing laws against leaving survivors to die: Daily Wire

If you can find a Doctor in Canada willing to provide a late-term abortion, you can have one. The claim is they are done as a means of protecting the life of the mother, in which case I would not be opposed. The lack of a law is the concern: National Post


Infanticide No Different From Abortion:

Experts are saying killing babies is no different from abortion; well, I’m inclined to agree – for the precise opposite reason: Telegraph

There is currently a pro-choice push for legalizing infanticide: Slate

Vague laws on infanticide in Canada: National Post

What’s the difference between murder and infanticide in Canada: CBC

The Brutality of Abortion:

Abortion For Eugenics

Down Syndrome To Be An Endangered Species? RT

Down Syndrom Man Pleads For His Existence: Daily Wire

Abortion Targeting Blacks: Wall Street Journal

The Black Anti-Abortion Movement: Vox

The Procedure

The Truth About Roe

Publicly lied about being raped: Politico

Spent rest of life campaigning against abortion: NY Times

Though the video claims otherwise, apparently this was not the “only” reason abortion was legalized: Fact Check


The Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who started Planned Parenthood as a means of culling blacks and the poor. Time

Of course, some papers argue that Sanger was in fact only a eugenicist regarding the mentally retarded. Pubmed


Mental Health Risks for Abortion:

Abortion tied to sharp decline in mental health of mother