Abortion: What The Hell Are We Doing?

If you’re having an abortion I feel bad for you, hun.
I’ve got 99 problems but my conscience ain’t one.

Routine Murder of Abortion Survivors:

66 Babies reportedly left to die in the UK’s National Health Service: Daily Mail

491 Babies reportedly left to die in Canada from 2000-2009: Life News

766 Babies reportedly left to die in Canada from 2013-2018: Life News

Murder of abortion survivors a “grey zone” in Canadian Law: National Post

Lax Laws On Late-Term Abortion:

New York passes brutal pro-abortion laws, allowing for abortion until birth and removing laws against leaving survivors to die: Daily Wire

If you can find a Doctor in Canada willing to provide a late-term abortion, you can have one. The claim is they are done as a means of protecting the life of the mother, in which case I would not be opposed. The lack of a law is the concern: National Post


Infanticide No Different From Abortion:

Experts are saying killing babies is no different from abortion; well, I’m inclined to agree – for the precise opposite reason: Telegraph

There is currently a pro-choice push for legalizing infanticide: Slate

Vague laws on infanticide in Canada: National Post

What’s the difference between murder and infanticide in Canada: CBC

The Brutality of Abortion:

Abortion For Eugenics

Down Syndrome To Be An Endangered Species? RT

Down Syndrom Man Pleads For His Existence: Daily Wire

Abortion Targeting Blacks: Wall Street Journal

The Black Anti-Abortion Movement: Vox

The Procedure

The Truth About Roe

Publicly lied about being raped: Politico

Spent rest of life campaigning against abortion: NY Times

Though the video claims otherwise, apparently this was not the “only” reason abortion was legalized: Fact Check


The Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who started Planned Parenthood as a means of culling blacks and the poor. Time

Of course, some papers argue that Sanger was in fact only a eugenicist regarding the mentally retarded. Pubmed


Mental Health Risks for Abortion:

Abortion tied to sharp decline in mental health of mother

How To Craft A Joke In 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to tell a joke!

How to craft a joke:

1) Identify the Target.
A. What Sucks? B. What’s Extreme? C. What’s out of place?

2) Apply a treatment: A. Misunderstanding (Content or Intent) i.e. “So What you’re saying is… the files are in the computer?” B. Reversal “In Capitalist America Bank robs you”. C. Understate/Overstate i.e. Soaking wet: “Lovely Weather Outside”.

3) Apply a lens: A. Heartless Bastard (Mr. Burns) B. Clueless Jackass (Homer Simpson) C. The Prize (The Todd from Scrubs).

There are other lenses (Archetypes) through which to see. Essentially they come from Greek comedies or Comedia Del’arte. Each of the targets, treatments, and lenses can be combined and played with.

So, if I know this, you must be wondering what jokes I’ve created using the formula. Well, I’m annoyed at the grocery store getting asked for donations. Here’s my answer to one:

“No, I would not like to donate to Sick Kids Hospital. More money means a bigger hospital. A bigger hospital means more kids in the hospital. What kind of sicko wants more kids in the hospital? Not me.”

Subject: Grocery Shopping
Target: What sucks? Denying charity donations, the worst of which being Sick Kids.
Treatment: Misunderstanding Intent
Lens: Clueless Jackass + Heartless Bastard

And that’s how you tell a joke. I’m currently crafting another…

“This trans-kid trend is very troubling. I mean, think how hard it must be for pedophiles in this day in age? They go through all the trouble of tracking down, befriending and abducting a kid, get them all the way to their “Play Pen” And when they finally undress the kid, they’re the wrong gender! And imagine how upsetting it is for the kid. They’re not even the right toys!”

This one’s a lot more complicated, but the same rules apply.

There you go, everyone!

How To Tell a Joke.