Spoils of Afghanistan War: Opium and Lithium

The Afghanistan War, the Opioid epidemic and the Tech Boom.

Here’s something for you to consider, when reflecting on the Afghan War. In the early ’00s, the Taliban had all but entirely eradicated the opium trade, eradicating about 90% of the world’s supply. NY Times

They did it because drug use is Haram (a sin), in their view.

Grown from poppies, Opium, of course, is the active ingredient in street drugs like heroin and pharmaceuticals like oxycontin. 

Once in Afghanistan, troops began immediately guarding the poppy fields and the Opium trade went back into full swing. Politifact / Brookings / Unicef / CBS

Since the war, we now have the opioid crisis and the heroin epidemic, in case you haven’t heard. Canada

And now, China has developed a genetically modified poppy seed, and production has soared 43% from 2015 to 2017. Forbes / CBS / CNBC

To me, this begs the question “Did we go into Afghanistan strictly for the spoils”? And since the pharmaceutical companies directly benefit, were corporate heads somehow involved? A lot of profit has been made since this epidemic first began.

picture 70

Speaking of profits, there is another issue; lithium. Yes, the kind used in all of our cell phones and other electronics. HowStuffWorks

In 2010, a vein of lithium was announced to have been discovered, estimated at $1tn. NYTimes

In 2017, the Afghan Government tried to lure the Trump administration with the prospect of that $1tn. VOANews

And the strategy worked. Independent

It is now valued at $3tn. CNBC

Of course, I don’t believe the vein was discovered in 2010, and my suspicion is supported by the fact that tech companies have been absolutely thriving since the new millennium.

Here in Canada, the average person owns three mobile devices, each requiring a lithium-ion battery. It should not surprise you to learn that our global leaders are each vying to stake their claim in what is now being dubbed “The White Gold Rush”. Economist

So, what are we left to think about the Afghan war? I’ll leave that question to you.

The Problem With Obama

Trump supporters constantly come under fire from liberals. If they supported Obama, use this article to shut them up.


Obama passed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), allowing extra-judicial assassinations on anyone, anywhere anytime. And he used it, particularly on his own citizens. Anwar Al Awlaki was a terrorist, true, but he was given no due process of any kind. Even if you say he’s a legitimate military target, and I would be with you on that, his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman was not; yet, he was droned at a reception, along with 8 other innocents. These assassinations were ordered specifically by Obama


Obama not only expanded the drone program; but, he also implemented signature strikes. What are signature strikes, you ask? Assassinating an unknown target based entirely on cell phone patterns.
Often, it’s the terrorist’s relatives, particularly their mothers, who are killed.
Killing unknown innocents is a war crime.
Obama also approved Double Taps – Wounding an enemy combatant and waiting for first responders to show up before killing them as well.
The killing of first responders is a war crime.

90% of those killed by drone strikes are innocent civilians!

Keep in mind, this is after redefining “Enemy Combatant” so any male killed abroad was automatically counted as a legitimate target, even if they were actually a civilian.
Obama campaigned on leniency for whistleblowers, yet when the whistle was blown on him, he targeted them more viciously than any president in History. Even Nixon didn’t go after Ellsberg with such tenacity. In fact, he’s targeted more journalist informants than all other presidents combined.
Obama also famously targeted journalists themselves (Just look at how they went after Glenn Greenwaldt’s boyfriend).
Trump comes under a lot of heat for calling the press fake news (they are), but how did Obama treat journalists?
Trump’s also come under fire for the “Muslim Ban” – something we should actually seriously consider – but the seven countries he was putting through extreme vetting, are the same seven countries Obama started secret wars in.
Obama campaigned on jailing the Wall Street bankers that bankrupted the world (He should have jailed Bill Clinton, as it was his policy, repealing Glass-Stiegel and pushing lending to those who couldn’t afford it, which caused the housing bubble)
It was later revealed through WikiLeaks that Obama was actually conspiring with the banksters themselves.
While he was telling everyone he was going to jail them, they handpicked his cabinet. Everyone who was suggested made it into his administration. He planned to bail them out all along.
Obama also pushed for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), something Mrs. Clinton was in full support of. A trilateral trade deal that would set up an international tribunal which would function a lot like the EU – making decisions that override your nation’s laws. Say you don’t want a pipeline. You convince your politicians, who shut it down. Well, under the TPP, that company can go to the international court for approval – rendering democracy meaningless. Same thing with minimum wage or… anything really.
It’s the same thing with TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).
Finally, under TISA (Trade-In Service Agreement), this same tribunal can override immigration policy. Let’s say I finally convince you that the Muslim migrants are rapists (they are), and you don’t like fearing for your safety, well, under TISA, corporations can bring in as many workers as they want.
These deals were negotiated in secret.
Here’s just one part, TTIP. I encourage you to just do a preliminary search for the others.
Remember that time Obama handed Mexican Cartels millions in military grade weapons?
Probably not. I give you, Fast And Furious (AKA the Gunwalking Scandal)
Handing a bunch of weapons to criminals to further destabilize your neighbor state is not very neighborly.
How about this one, how the “five eyes” (Canada, US, UK, NZ, and Au) use social media to record everything you do through a system called PRISM:
Special thanks to patriot Edward Snowden for taking great risk to get this information to us.
Next, we have CableGate – How the US was caught spying on its allies, including Merkel:
Spying on allies is probably the least of the problems here.
Hillary, while she was Secretary of State under Obama was caught spying on the UN:
The Deporter-in-Chief
Him using the IRS to target conservatives: