“Uygur Did Nothing Wrong” – Famed TYT Critic, Carl Benjamin A.K.A. Sargon of Akkad Stakes Reputation To Defend Opponent

Social Commentator, Carl Benjamin, has recently come out to defend the Founder of The Young Turks amid allegations of …we’re not entirely sure.

Last week, “Social Justice” fanatics ousted Liberal host Cenk Uygur from his own organization after old blog posts were dug up by his political opponents at Gateway Pundit.

Despite years of being a core presence and prominent figure for liberal ideals, blog posts from nearly two decades ago may cost him more than merely his far left Justice Democrats. The cringe-worthy statements, as well as the original hatchet job revealing them, can be seen here.

The problem? There are no victims of Uygur’s words and actions, and though his words are uncharacteristic and uncomfortable to read, in today’s political climate it appears this is all it takes to be purged and excommunicated. The only information available doesn’t indicate that these were unwelcome advances. So the offense claimed, is that he wasn’t sensitive enough in how he spoke nearly twenty years ago, to the hysterical sensibilities of people living in the future.

This is why we don’t permit retroactive punishment in our legal system and limit the time to prosecute a crime. Though Uygur’s comments could have landed him in hot water when he uttered them, he hadn’t actually harmed anyone and grew to be a person his base idolizes. Is this a world we want; a world without forgiveness, where nothing is considered victimless, or too long ago to be worth mentioning? If so, it’s time to start digging around the affairs of those who won’t let other people be. Of course, we don’t need to dig; they bare their reprehensibility on full display.

Browsing Feminist groups like the CannaMamas, I’d like to point out I see some truly appalling things about men written quite regularly. Just look at anything from Feminist Current, for example. Women can say whatever grotesque thing they’d like about men without fear of reprisal from society; we at SALT are just wondering when we’re going to start hearing that sexism requires Prejudice + Power.

So I ask you: how much more of this are we going to allow?

Kyle Kulinski, the host of popular Youtube channel Secular Talk and co-founder of the Justice Democrats, recoiled at the response of the staff, who were terribly unkind to their employer. Apparently, Kulinski has seen enough and resigned in disgust. This impressive display of principles deserves praise, as does anyone who stands up to the craven loons that comprise the far left.

The Social Justice cultists are going full communist revolutionary, and like any communist, their concern is accruing power by any means necessary; securing by force what they cannot claim by merit. Make no mistake, ousting Uygur was a coup for power; it always is.

Now, Uygur’s staunchest critic, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) is coming out in his defense:
Benjamin, whose Youtube channel rose to infamy during the Gamergate debacle, is no fan of The Young Turks or Cenk Uygur,

We have seen a cultural shift these last few years, particularly since the candidacy of U.S. President Donald Trumpwhich has fueled the rise of fringe-group nutters like the “Alt-Right” and the “Social Justice” crowd, each citing the other as the justification they need for their …less than appealing rhetoric.

Like Benjamin, I am most deeply concerned about the tumor that is the Social Justice Crowd—It is my belief the Alt-Right aren’t as insidious a threat, considering their unpalatability to the ordinary public and the incompetence of their poster-boy.

The “Social Justice” crowd, however, seem to be gaining support in both Social and traditional media, as well as companies fully endorsing their practices and theories. I personally believe they are the single greatest threat to Western Society, and many will freely admit that.

If you happen to wonder what about them should be disliked, allow me to articulate a few things that should discredit anyone sharing their beliefs:

These are people so ignorant, they organize under the banner of the Hammer and Sickle,
a contemptible symbol that appropriately captures the intellect of its followers. These are people who try to get their political opponents fired, arrested, aggressed upon, defamed, ostracized, exiled or even killed.

They rank the value of what is said and the order in which people may speak based on the conditions of birth (race, gender, sexual orientation) of the one speaking; an abhorrent affront to those who fought to end racism.

These people support, if not comprise the domestic terrorist organization Antifa–which calls for violence against anyone they label a “Nazi” – that is, anyone that disagrees with them.

If there’s any doubt, however to the legitimacy of these kinds of allegations, let’s take a look at some of the things that offend these people: everything. Things like what you say and wear, but more obscure items like the milk, mathematics, science and exams seem to be offensive too. Are we to expect eating your vegetables and bathing to be the next forms of oppression? Tucker Carlson comprised a hilarious list of #100racistthings on Twitter that is well worth checking out.

These are people who claim words are violence and that anything that unintentionally offends someone is a micro-aggression, an act which permits violence against the offender.

These are people who actually advocate a reverse onus in rape cases, particularly the New Zealand government.

These are people who believe that anyone who doesn’t ascribe to their radical postmodern fantasy of 70+ genders must be inherently bigoted and thus should be killed, maimed, or simply attacked.

These are the good guys?—I’m not seeing how these are the good guys. I’m not seeing how anyone can be so bold as to claim they are.

These are people that want to force their views upon others, not least of which, in the workplace. Mandatory Diversity training is their flagship. It’s also a good example of their values, considering it doesn’t work at all, promotes prejudice, increases anxiety and ascribes ill intent without compelling evidence; a stain that cannot be scrubbed clean.

We feel we should ask; isn’t PC culture just the Left’s answer to McCarthyism?


Author: Orry

Editor In Chief with SALT Media.

One thought on ““Uygur Did Nothing Wrong” – Famed TYT Critic, Carl Benjamin A.K.A. Sargon of Akkad Stakes Reputation To Defend Opponent”

  1. I’m no fan of SJW rhetoric, but is it reasonable to assume that the idealism they assert is merely a response to centuries of “gays are an abomination” and “women should stay home and be baby factories”?


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